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Introduce new end points to support on demand reporting. Setup microservice aws lambda which use consumes those end points.
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Skills for Care On-Demand Reporting.


Each report is packaged as a lambda function and deployed to AWS.


Each lambda function calls back on to the SfC API, to get data and then aggregate/summarise data to generate a report.


No external access to these reports. The reports are executed based on AWS CloudWatch schedule or in response to events emitted from the SfC API - such as, creating a workplace or updating a staff record.

Slack Notification

No external access to these reports. The reports once ready are delivered securely to a Slack channel.


Utilises AWS Secret Manager, via an IAM policy, to obtain credentials for Slack notification, but also the credentials to access the SfC API.

To Deploy

You need AWS credentials with administrative permissions to run CloudFormation and create the lambda resources.

Requires a "serverless-admin" AWS credentials profile name.

Run: ./node_modules/.bin/serverless config credentials --provider aws --key <your key> --secret <your secret> --profile serverless-admin --overwrite

You also need the MongoDB URI - must be passed as a parameter to serverless build and deploy, such that the sensitive information including username and password are not stored.

Run: MONGO_DB_URI='mongodb+srv://<db username>:<db password>@<db host>/<db name>' npm run package:dev:

  • Note, the uri is contained within single quotes.
  • The MONGO_DB_URI is the environment variable name.

MongoDB Whitelist

Connecting from lambda, need to add the region's CIDR to the MongoDB Atlas IP whitelist. Refer to for informatin on how to request the AWS regional IP addresses.

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