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NModbus is a C# implementation of the Modbus protocol.
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NModbus is a C# implementation of the Modbus protocol. Provides connectivity to Modbus slave compatible devices and applications. Supports serial ASCII, serial RTU, TCP, and UDP protocols.


The NModbus4 project appears to have gone quiet. This is a fork of that project.

NModbus differs from NModbus4 in following:

  • Modbus slave devices are now added to a network which is represented by IModbusSlaveInstance.
  • Heavier use of interfaces.
  • Custom function code handlers can be added to slave devices.


  • Improve Modbus Slave support (e.g. support multiple slave devices on the same physical transport).


To install NModbus, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package NModbus


Documentation is available in chm format (NModbus.chm)


NModbus is licensed under the MIT license.

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