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NNPDF: An open-source machine learning framework for global analyses of parton distributions

The NNPDF collaboration determines the structure of the proton using Machine Learning methods. This is the main repository of the fitting and analysis frameworks. In particular it contains all the necessary tools to reproduce the NNPDF4.0 PDF determinations.


The documentation is available at


See the NNPDF installation guide for the conda package, and how to build from source.

Please note that the conda based workflow described in the documentation is the only supported one. While it may be possible to set up the code in different ways, we won't be able to provide any assistance.

We follow a rolling development model where the tip of the master branch is expected to be stable, tested and correct. For more information see our releases and compatibility policy.


This code is described in the following paper:

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If you use the code to produce new results in a scientific publication, please follow the Citation Policy, particularly in regards to the papers relevant for QCD NNLO and EW NLO calculations incorporated in the NNPDF dataset.


We welcome bug reports or feature requests sent to the issue tracker. You may use the issue tracker for help and questions as well.

If you would like contribute to the code, please follow the Contribution Guidelines.