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NNTmux automatically scans usenet, similar to the way google search bots scan the internet. It does this by collecting usenet headers and temporarily storing them in a database until they can be collated into posts/releases. It provides a web-based front-end providing search, browse, and programmable (API) functionality.

This project is a fork of the open source usenet indexer newznab plus: and open source nZEDb usenet indexer

NNTmux improves upon the original design, implementing several new features including:

  • Optional multi-threaded processing (header retrieval, release creation, post-processing etc)
  • Advanced search features (name, subject, category, post-date etc)
  • Intelligent local caching of metadata
  • Optional sharing of comments with other NNTmux and newznab sites
  • Optional tmux (terminal session multiplexing) engine that provides thread, database and performance monitoring
  • Image and video samples
  • SABnzbd/NZBGet integration (web, API and pause/resume)
  • CouchPotato integration (web and API)


System Administration know-how. NNTmux is not plug-n-play software. Installation and operation requires a moderate amount of administration experience. NNTmux is designed and developed with GNU/Linux operating systems. Certain features are not available on other platforms. A competent Windows administrator should be able to run NNTmux on a Windows OS.


4GB RAM, 2 cores(threads) and 20GB disk space minimum.

If you wish to use more than 5 threads a quad core CPU is beneficial.

The overall speed of NNTmux is largely governed by performance of the database. As many of the database tables should be held within system RAM as possible. See Database Section below.


PHP 7.2+ (and various modules)
MySQL 5.6+ (Postgres is not supported)

The installation guides have more detailed software requirements.


Most (if not all) distributions ship MySQL with a default configuration that will perform well on a Raspberry Pi. If you wish to store more that 500K releases, these default settings will quickly lead to poor performance. Expect this.

As a general rule of thumb the database will need a minimum of 1-2G buffer RAM for every million releases you intend to store. That RAM should be assigned to this parameter:

  • innodb_buffer_pool_size

Use for recommendations for these and other important tuner parameters. Also refer to the nZEDb project's wiki page: This is particularly important before you start any large imports or backfills.


Follow NNTmux Ubuntu install guide:

For composer install and getting NNTmux follow this guide:


Support is given on #tmux channel.


NNTmux is GPL v3. See LICENSE.txt for the full license.

Other licenses by various software used by NNTmux:

Net_NNTP => W3C

Zip file creation class => No license specified.

simple_html_dom.php => MIT

All external libraries will have their full licenses in their respectful folders.