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Global Workflow currently supporting the Global Forecast System (GFS) with the UFS-weather-model and GSI-based Data Assimilation System.

The global-workflow depends on the following prerequisities to be available on the system:

  • Workflow Engine - Rocoto and ecFlow (for NWS Operations)
  • Compiler - Intel Compiler Suite
  • Software - NCEPLIBS (various), ESMF, HDF5, NetCDF, and a host of other softwares (see module files under /modulefiles for additional details)

The global-workflow current supports the following tier-1 machines:

  • NOAA RDHPCS - Hera
  • MSU HPC - Orion
  • NOAA's operational HPC - WCOSS2

Additionally, the following tier-2 machine is supported:

  • SSEC at Univ. of Wisconsin - S4 (Note that S2S+ experiments are not fully supported)

Documentation (in progress) is available here.


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