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[NSManagedObjectContext MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:completion:]

- Wait for the block to complete.
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1 parent f0246e9 commit eabb14701432039307ba05ca62d7cf74555be157 Jwie committed
2 MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObjectContext/NSManagedObjectContext+MagicalSaves.m
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ - (void) MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:(void (^)(NSError *))errorCallback;
- (void) MR_saveInBackgroundErrorHandler:(void (^)(NSError *))errorCallback completion:(void (^)(void))completion;
- [self performBlock:^{
+ [self performBlockAndWait:^{
[self MR_saveWithErrorCallback:errorCallback];
if (self == [[self class] MR_defaultContext])

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