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Dynamic graphing library
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jsGraph is a javascript library that can be used to renders scientific data in your browser in the form of graphs and charts. Its primary purpose is to display line plots, scatter plots, contour plots or zone plots, but a powerful shape drawing tool and API is available to annotate the data on the graph.

jsGraph works in most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE >= v10). It uses the SVG technology to render the graphs, so that the file can then be exported and readily used for scientific publications.

The usage of jsGraph is mostly programmer-oriented. We expose an easy and fully functionnal API that allows you to basically do anything with your graph. It is not the goal of jsGraph to interpret what you are trying to do. It does what you ask it to do, nothing more, nothing else.

A whole set of examples is availble under

How to contribute

  • Contributions to jsGraph are greatly encouraged. You are welcome to develop your own features and we'll do our best to integrate them through your pull requests.
  • jsGraph is in a continuously developing state. Although it's quite stable, some bugs do still appear here and there. If you encounter some of them, please report them in the issue section of the github so that we can fix them ASAP.
  • If you have great ideas, if you know features that other softwares do better than jsGraph, just let us know ! We're always trying to expand our range of functionnalities.



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