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This is a place where would like to thank those who have come before to build the work that we have added to.

Where the Project came from

The API work to interact between HomeKit and NodeJS is from HAP-NodeJS.

Marius Schmeding made the first version of the Node-RED plugin to use HAP-NodeJS. His work was later forked by Oliver Rahner who put in a good effort to move over to bridged connections to HomeKit.

Many others have come and gone adding to the work. Thanks to each of you!

Oliver Rahner explains his work

As Marius Schmeding seems to have abandoned his great work, I decided to fork his repo and to introduce some major rework.

The biggest change is the use of HAP-NodeJS in bridged mode: only add one bridge in the iOS home app to access all your devices! Also, I (believe I) fixed some issues:

  • devices don't show as unreachable after redeploying
  • having more than one device per accessory (in the "old" world) or bridge doesn't lead to iOS losing the parameters for this device anymore
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