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C++ Python Makefile


The software in this repository is deprecated.  It has been replaced by two separate software repositories: (pure python wrapper for DAKOTA) (openmdao DAKOTA driver plugin)

Please fork those repositories for use with OpenMDAO versions 1.0 and higher and DAKOTA versions 6.0 and higher.


Materials for openMDAO DAKOTA Driver object

(Original author, Peter Graf, National Renewable Energy Lab, 2012.

This directory tree contains the materials for the initial version of an openMDAO "Driver" object that wraps
Sandia Lab's "DAKOTA" optimization and analysis code.  There are three different functionalities:

1. An interface to DAKOTA, in "library mode", that allows passing an MPI communicator and a "void *" object
to DAKOTA. This is still in C++.

2. A python wrapper for this interface, so, in python, you can say "import dakota", then "dakota.run_dakota(comm, object)".
"comm" will be used as the MPI communicator for DAKOTA, and "object" will be passed _back_ to the python routine
specified in your dakota input file.

3. An openMDAO Driver object that wraps all this functionality.  In particular, the "object" in 2. _is_ the driver, 
and a specific callback function is used that then calls this driver's "run_iteration" method.  Therefore, from the
user's point of view, DAKOTA is made to behave as if it were a normal openMDAO driver.

Further development by NASA/openMDAO
The code in this directory is prototype code that was then handed off to the openMDAO team at NASA for further development.
Therefore, if you are interested in the above functionality, this code is _not_ the code you should use.
Instead, you should go to and find the "dakota driver" plugin.  This README file will be updated to refer
to the exact url when it is available.

This software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.  See "Apache2.0License.txt" in this directory.

Peter Graf, 7/26/13