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Public Release

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released EnergyPlus version 8.3.0. New feature highlights are listed below. For more information about EnergyPlus, please visit www.energyplus.gov.

Highlights of this release (V8.3.0)


  • Bug fixes throughout.


  • A major focus after the 8.2.0 release was to get 8.3.0 much better on runtime. Numerous refactors and cleanups were performed in the code and the resulting simulations are generally faster than the 8.1 FORTRAN-based EnergyPlus release.

New Features

  • #4514 : Integrated slab calculations extended to also supported basement heat transfer. The slab and basement pre-processors are still packaged, but the new methods provide a much more convenient workflow for users.
  • #4442 : Implement new ice storage curve type
  • #4472 : Improvements to the ObjexxFCL library, including new vector classes
  • #4522 : Modify EnergyPlus structure to expose it as a callable shared library
  • #4538 : Add autosizing to fields in humidifiers, low-temp radiant, and district htg/clg
  • #4544 : Add a proper command line interface to EnergyPlus
  • #4559 : Implement new swimming pool simulation model
  • #4570 : Add new data center IT equipment model
  • #4624 : Implement new data center HVAC simulation model
  • #4635 : Implement new coil vs. space peak sizing simulation logic
  • #4692 : Implement new slinky ground heat exchanger simulation model
  • #4727 : Implement additional chiller part load curve type
  • #4729 : Implement advanced modeling of window operation and envelope infiltration
  • #4740 : Implement new gas steam humidifier simulation model
  • #4743 : Add EMS dynamic built in variable for WarmupFlag
  • #4757 : Implement new thermostat and humidistat fault (offset) simulation logic
  • #4764 : Implement HVAC Sizing Simulation for Coincident Plant Sizing
  • #4786 : Allow other-side-coefficients in airflow network surfaces


  • Documentation has been converted to Markdown and is being hosted online. Although a few issues are still being worked out, the bulk of the content is available at http://energyplus.net/documentation.


  • Windows 7 & 8: 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and compatible) 64 bit versions; (32-bit and RHEL-compatible versions may be available via Helpdesk)
  • Mac OSX 10.9 64 bit versions
  • EnergyPlus v8.3.0 has been developed and tested on all of these platforms