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Modeling the existing building stock (residential and commercial) using OpenStudio/EnergyPlus.
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BuildStock, built on the OpenStudio platform, is a project geared at modeling the existing building stock for, e.g., national, regional, or local analysis, using the EnergyPlus simulation engine. It consists of ResStock™ and ComStock™, sister tools for modeling the residential and commercial building stock, respectively.

This project is a work-in-progress.

For more information, visit the latest documentation.

BuildStock workflow

ResStock for Multifamily Low-Rise

A pre-release of ResStock with Multifamily Low-Rise capabilities is now available!

This dependency graph illustrates the relationship between the conditional probability distributions used to describe the U.S. residential building stock. Blue color indicates the parameters and dependencies added to represent for the low-rise multifamily sector. image

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