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REopt® Julia package

This package is currently under development, but it now has all of the capabilities of the REopt® model used in the REopt API.

For more information please see the documentation:

Quick Start

Evaluating only PV and Storage requires a linear program solver. Adding a generator and/or multiple outages makes the problem mixed-integer linear, and thus requires a MILP solver. See for a list of solvers. The REopt package has been tested with Xpress, Cbc, HiGHS and CPLEX.

Note that not all solvers support indicator constraints and special order sets (such as HiGHS), and so not all REopt problems can be solved with solvers lacking these capabilities.


using Xpress
using JuMP
using REopt

m = Model(Xpress.Optimizer)
results = run_reopt(m, "path/to/scenario.json")

See the test/scenarios directory for examples of scenario.json.

For more details, including installation instructions, see the documentation.