Software Dependencies

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SAM consists of several software packages described in the SAM readme.

Its dependencies are:

  • C++ standard libraries
  • wxWidgets 3.1.0

If you are building a full desktop version of SAM, after setting up your C++ development environment and building wxWidgets 3.1.0, you should always build the packages in the following order to meet the dependency requirements:

  1. LK
  2. WEX
  3. SSC
  4. SAM

The WEX and SSC builds each include special standalone applications:

  • WEX: DView, LKscript.

  • SSC: SDKtool, TCSconsole, which include the LKscript. TCSconsole also includes DView.

Package Dependencies
LK wxWidgets
WEX wxWidgets, LK
SAM wxWidgets, LK, WEX, SSC

*For SSC, if you remove SDKtool and TCSconsole from your project, then SSC only requires the standard C++ libraries.

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