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A component of API Umbrella. The web component provides the website frontend and web admin tool.
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Allow omniauth-ldap and omniauth-cas to be configured.

The last commit adding omniauth-ldap was missing this bit to make it
configurable via our config files. omniauth-cas has existed for a while,
but we were only using it for Let's also make it a more
configurable, generic option, in addition to the specific
latest commit a982fe11c9
@GUI GUI authored
Failed to load latest commit information.
.capistrano Save the fact that we don't want to send capistrano metrics.
app Introduce the concept of email verification to signup process.
config Allow omniauth-ldap and omniauth-cas to be configured.
db Fix https requirements config migration.
lib Better handle when invalid data is passed to user signup form.
public Remove unused gems and update other gems.
script Improvements to log migration script.
spec Fix broken test. email_verified is now returned by default for admins.
vendor Setting up gitignores and gitkeeps.
.gitignore Fix admin localization not actually working. Oops. Add tests too.
.gitmodules Removing defunct documentation management interface.
.rspec Use the Fuubar rspec formatter for progress and immediate errors.
.rubocop.yml Disable rubocop style checker for underscores in big numbers.
.yardopts Updated docs.
Capfile Let's try deploying things for omnibus Capistrano 3.
Gemfile Add omniauth-ldap as optional admin auth plugin.
Gemfile.lock Add omniauth-ldap as optional admin auth plugin.
LICENSE.txt Standardize license contents. Simplify CI setup to just use Circle CI.
Rakefile Make jshint part of default rake task.
circle.yml Update CI testing env to ruby 2.1.6 and elasticsearch 1.5.1. Rename Rails app name just to tidy things up.

API Umbrella Web

Circle CI

API Umbrella Web provides the website frontend and web admin tool for the API Umbrella project. API Umbrella Web is a Ruby on Rails web application.

Please submit any issues to the primary API Umbrella issue tracker.


To get started, check out the getting started docs.


TODO: Finish documenting

API Key Signup

Users can sign up for API keys through the front end, by visiting They will be asked for the following information:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • email (required)
  • How will you use the APIs? (optional)

Users will also be required to agree with the site terms & conditions, as defined to your needs. No default terms and conditions are provided with API Umbrella.

An API for API Umbrella


Documentation is a work in progress, and can be found in multiple locations:


The admin section is where you can perform multiple tasks including:

  • Configuring APIs
  • Viewing analytics
  • Setting up users and access control
  • Publishing your changes
  • Importing and exporting settings


API Umbrella is open sourced under the MIT license.


Geographic data comes from GeoLite data created by MaxMind. alpha

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