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title: API Key Signup
<h1>API Key Signup</h1>
<div id="apidatagov_signup">Loading signup form...</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var apiUmbrellaSignupOptions = {
// Pick a short, unique name to identify your site, like 'gsa-auctions'
// in this example.
registrationSource: 'nrel',
// Enter the API key you signed up for and specially configured for this
// API key signup embed form.
apiKey: 'wwBFDa7NMp0mt8xpl0E4rMaVgsoxVGZSVzzivzoU',
// Provide an example URL you want to show to users after they signup.
// This can be any API endpoint on your server, and you can use the
// special {{api_key}} variable to automatically substitute in the API
// key the user just signed up for.
exampleApiUrl: ',ELEC&state=CA&limit=2&api_key={{api_key}}',
// OPTIONAL: Provide extra content to display on the signup confirmation
// page. This will be displayed below the user's API key and the example
// API URL are shown. HTML is allowed. Defaults to ""
// signupConfirmationMessage: '',
// OPTIONAL: Provide a URL to your own contact page to link to for user
// support. Defaults to ""
contactUrl: '<%= url_for("contact.html") %>',
// OPTIONAL: Set to true to verify the user's e-mail address by only
// sending them their API key via e-mail, and not displaying it on the
// signup confirmation web page. Defaults to false.
// verifyEmail: true,
// OPTIONAL: Set to false to disable sending a welcome e-mail to the
// user after signing up. Defaults to true.
// sendWelcomeEmail: false,
// OPTIONAL: Provide the name of your developer site. This will appear
// in the subject of the welcome e-mail as "Your {{siteName}} API key".
// Defaults to "".
siteName: 'NREL Developer Network',
// OPTIONAL: Provide a custom sender name for who the welcome email
// appears from. The actual address will be "", but
// this will change the name of the displayed sender in this fashion:
// "{{emailFromName}} <>". Defaults to "".
emailFromName: 'NREL Developer Network',
// OPTIONAL: Provide an extra input field to ask for the user's website.
// Defaults to false.
websiteInput: true,
// OPTIONAL: Provide an extra checkbox asking the user to agree to terms
// and conditions before signing up. Defaults to false.
termsCheckbox: true,
// OPTIONAL: If the terms & conditions checkbox is enabled, link to this
// URL for your API's terms & conditions. Defaults to "".
termsUrl: "<%= url_for("terms.html") %>",
(function() {
var apiUmbrella = document.createElement('script'); apiUmbrella.type = 'text/javascript'; apiUmbrella.async = true;
apiUmbrella.src = '';
(document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(apiUmbrella);
<noscript>Please enable JavaScript to signup for a <a href="/"></a> API key.</noscript>