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OpenStudio(R) ModelArticulation

Library and measures for OpenStudio Model Articulation.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'openstudio-model-articulation'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install 'openstudio-model-articulation'


To run the tests similar to how Jenkins run:

bundle install

bundle exec rake
bundle exec rake openstudio:list_measures
bundle exec rake openstudio:update_measures
bundle exec rake openstudio:test_with_openstudio

To run the tests the same way Jenkins run:

docker run -it -v $(pwd):/var/simdata/openstudio -u root -e "LANG=en_US.UTF-8" nrel/openstudio:3.0.0-beta-ruby-slim bash

# inside the container
gem install bundler -v '~> 2.1'
bundle update

# Run all the tests
bundle exec rake openstudio:test_with_openstudio

# or a sinlge measure's test, e.g.,
/usr/local/openstudio-3.0.0-beta/bin/openstudio-3.0.0-beta --verbose --bundle '/var/simdata/openstudio/Gemfile' --bundle_path '/var/simdata/openstudio/.bundle/install/' measure -r '/var/simdata/openstudio/lib/measures/radiance_measure/'

Compatibility Matrix

OpenStudio Model Articulation Gem OpenStudio Ruby
0.9.0 3.7 2.7
0.8.0 3.6 2.7
0.7.0 3.5 2.7
0.6.0 - 0.6.1 3.4 2.7
0.5.0 3.3 2.7
0.4.0 - 0.4.2 3.2 2.7
0.3.0 - 0.3.1 3.1 2.5
0.2.0 - 0.2.1 3.0 2.5
0.1.1 and below 2.9 and below 2.2.4


Please review the OpenStudio Contribution Policy if you would like to contribute code to this gem.


  • Move articulation measures from openstudio-measures
  • Move articulation measure lib files to openstudio-extension lib
  • Update measures to correct naming conventions


  • Update
  • Run rake openstudio:rubocop:auto_correct
  • Run rake openstudio:update_copyright
  • Run rake openstudio:update_measures (this has to be done last since prior tasks alter measure files)
  • Update version in
  • Review dependency versions in openstudio-model-articulation.gemspec (especially openstudio-standards and openstudio-extension)
  • Update version in /lib/openstudio/model_articulation/version.rb. Do not create a patch release if there are breaking changes or if this new version will support a biannual OpenStudio release; make a "minor" release instead. (ex: going from 0.7.0 to 0.8.0)
  • Create PR to master, after tests and reviews complete, then merge
  • Locally - from the master branch, run rake release
  • On GitHub, go to the releases page and update the latest release tag. Name it “Version x.y.z” and copy the CHANGELOG entry into the description box.