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Welcome to the reV eXchange (reVX) tool!

reVX command line tools

Installing reVX

NOTE: The installation instruction below assume that you have python installed on your machine and are using conda as your package/environment manager.

  1. Create a new environment:

    conda create --name revx python=3.7

    • NOTE: reVX currently only supports python versions 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9. Python 3.10+ conflicts with the reV dependency.
  2. Activate your new environment:

    conda activate revx

  3. Clone the repo:

    From your home directory /home/{user}/ or another directory that you have permissions in, run the command git clone and then go into your cloned repository: cd reVX

  4. Install reVX:
    1. Follow the installation commands installation process that we use for our automated test suite here. Make sure that you call pip install -e . from within the cloned repository directory e.g. /home/{user}/reVX/

      • NOTE: If you install using conda and you want to use:
        • HSDS you will also need to install h5pyd manually: pip install h5pyd
        • Turbine Flicker you will need to install HOPP manually: pip install HOPP
      • NOTE: If you install using pip and want to run exclusion setbacks you will need to install rtree manually:

Recommended Citation

Update with current version and DOI:

Michael Rossol, Grant Buster, and Robert Spencer. The Renewable Energy Potential(V) eXchange Tool: reVX. (version v0.3.20), 2021.