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This is the git repo for the new Journal of the Student Association of Medical Research:

JSAMR is the first Open Access journal in the UK by medical students for medical students.

Journal software and design

JSAMR is built using Open Journal Systems 3 (OJS 3): The codebase is included as a submodule.

The "NSAMR" theme for OJS3 is child theme of the bootstrap3 extension of OJS3: The bootstrap3 codebase is included as a submodule.

NSAMR will contribute back to both OJS and bootstrap3, as well as to other Open Source frameworks used here.

Documentation :

Workflow and branch structure

JSAMR/ is the main branch for JSAMR: Pull Requests should be made into this branch, and releases will be made from here. The branch is protected, so all Pull Requests must be approved by a repository owner.

Contributors should fork the core JSAMR repo (, and should make sure their WIP branches are kept up-to-date with branch :master.


JSAMR publishes Open Access articles under the terms of the Creative Commons (CC BY) Attribution License 4.0, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The CC BY Attibtution 4.0 license can be viewed here:

Software written by NSAMR is released under the GNU General Public License version 3, as is its parent OJS3. The GNU GPLv3 license allows reuse and redistribution of software in whole or in part, but requires that anyone who distributes code or a derivative work must make the source available under the same terms. The text of the GNU GPLv3 license can be viewed here:

All images are either original to NSAMR, or are CC BY licensed with attribution, and background textures are freely available from

Submitting work to JSAMR

JSAMR will be launched soon. In the interim period, please email if you want to submit to JSAMR.

Ongoing development

Pull requests to any of our websites and software are welcomed and appreciated.