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NSBudapest Meetup

Welcome to our meetup's GitHub page. If you'd like to attend to the next event, RSVP on our page.

Follow @nsbudapest on Twitter for updates regarding future events, and live tweets from the meetups.

NSBudapest is..

..a group for people interested in iOS and macOS development. We ❤️ quality code, testing, automation, craft beer and mad science in general. 🚀🚀🚀

What is a meetup?

A place where you can find out how others do the technology. A place for getting to know each other. We are actually a community! 😊

How does an event look like?

Talks are 20-30 minutes long, two at a time, one break between them.

Past events




Interested in talking at the meetup?

Just create an issue in this repository with describing the topic you would like to cover during your talk. Comments are welcome from everyone!


In April 2016 we organized our very first workshop, which was a huge success. You can find more information here.

Job board

We have a monthly job board, based on the example of the NSLondon meetup.

You can add iOS, or macOS dev jobs to the board, or yourself as someone looking for iOS, or macOS dev opportunities.

We're going to upload the board every month to this repository under the given month along with the presentations, and send the link of the board to the event on

For more information and past boards click here!

Code of Conduct

We stand for a Welcoming Community. At our meetups we encourage respectful smart conversations that help improvement and inspire innovation. Sexism, racism, and being an asshole in general is not appreciated. If you do so, get prepared to be challenged by meetup members, who will probably ask what's wrong with you.