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A utility program to manipulate Input Sources on Mac OS X.
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A utility program to manipulate Input Sources on Mac OS X. This program is a thin wrapper for Text Input Sources Services API.



$ make

on the terminal should generate InputSourceSelector executable in the current directory. Then copy it to somewhere on $PATH.


$ InputSourceSelector [command]

[command] is described below.


  • list Lists currently installed input sources.
  • list-enabled Lists currently enabled input sources.
  • current Prints currently selected input source.
  • current-layout Prints currently used keyboard layout.
  • enable [input source ID] Enables specified input source.
  • disable [input source ID] Disables specified input source.
  • select [input source ID] Selects specified input source.
  • deselect [input source ID] Deselects specified input source.

[input source ID] is one of the input source IDs printed by list,list-enabled,current,current-layout commands, such as or


  • List all input sources installed on the system:
$ InputSourceSelector list (Czech - QWERTY) (Czech)
... (VIQR) (Telex)
  • List currently enabled input sources on the system:
$ InputSourceSelector list-enabled (Dvorak) (U.S.)
... (Keyboard Viewer) (Unicode Hex Input)
  • Print the current input source:
$ InputSourceSelector current (Romaji)
  • Print the current keyboard layout:
$ InputSourceSelector current-layout (Dvorak)
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