Deployer for hexo blogs using Transmit to deploy to S3 bucket
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Deploy Hexo blog to S3 bucket using Transmit


$ npm install hexo-deployer-awstransmit


You can configure this plugin in your blog's _config.yml.

  type: awstransmit
  favorite: name-of-transmit-favorite-used-to-sync
  timeout: 1800
  • favorite - the name of the Transmit favorite that is used to sync the local public directory to the S3 bucket that hosts the blog.

  • timeout - optional. This parameter is used to circumvent an issue with long-running AppleScript processes. Since this plugin requires AppleScript we use the timeout parameter to avoid the timeout. The default value is 1800 (seconds). If timeout issues are encountered, a longer value can be specified.


Another option for deploying hexo blog to an S3 bucket. You may find that the hexo-deployer-s3 or the hexo-deployer-aws-s3 work for you. If so, you should use them because there are not external dependencies. Since Transmit works well to synchronize an S3 bucket with a local directory, this hexo deployment plugin is designed to work in tandem with it.


  • Mac OS X
  • Transmit 4.0+


  • Create a Transmit favorite that syncs the public directory of your local blog to the S3 bucket on which it's hosted. At a minimum you'll need:
    • AWS access Key ID
    • AWS Secret
    • Remote path
    • Local path
  • Configure _config.yml as above.
  • then deploy as usual:
$ hexo deploy