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Ammar Ammar, ORCID:0000-0002-8399-8990

Publication Date: 2021-08-08

Last Edit: 2021-09-27

Accepted: pending

Maturity Indicator Identifier: MI-R1.3-d2c4887a02-MAT-COMPOSITION_AND_SYNTHESIS

This maturity indicator falls under the FAIR principle R1.3: (meta)data meet domain-relevant community standards

The ID of this MI is composed of the following segments (separated by hyphen):

  1. Acronym for "Maturity Indicator"
  2. The FAIR principle this maturity indicator belongs to
  3. The first 10 characters truncated from the SHA-256 hash of the primary reference DOI of this maturity indicator.
  4. A short name to distinguish the maturity indicator definition file

This MI is to indicate if the nanomaterial "composition and synthesis" is reported by the nano toxicity study data or not.

Maturity Indicator Name: The nanomaterial composition and synthesis is reported by the nano toxicity study

This maturity indicator is extracted from the following paper Title: Minimum information reporting in bioâ??nano experimental literature REF:

To which principle does it apply?


What is being measured?

If the nanomaterial composition and synthesis is reported by the nano toxicity study data or not.

Why should we measure it?

The composition of a nanomaterial plays a vital role in determining its biological interactions. Thus, including details of composition is essential. However, theextent of material characterization that can be performed is highlydependent on the material under investigation. Requiring specificdetails of composition will undoubtedly be too restrictive forsome materials, and not specific enough for better studied constituents.Therefore, one way to ensure adequate details of compositionare included for a newly published nanomaterial is to providehigh-quality, reproducible steps for synthesis. Curated examplesof best practices for reporting synthesis and method details haverecently been documented. Additionally, any step of synthesisknown to be particularly challenging or sensitive should be noted.Any methods of purification used should also be specified, as thepresence of precursor residues in nanoparticle mixtures may alterbiological responses.

What must be provided for the measurement?

If the value is measured and reported in the data, the following field(s) should appear in JSON-LD metadata:

Field Name Alternative terms
composition and synthesis composition_and_synthesis,

How is the measurement executed?

The "composition and synthesis" should be provided in a machine-readable format (JSON-LD) which can be queried using open universal protocol like HTTP.

What is/are considered valid result(s)?

The presence of the field "composition and synthesis" in the JSON-LD metadata means the measurement is reported which is the valid result.

For which digital resource(s) is this relevant? (or 'all')

For nano toxicity related datasets.

Examples of good practices (that would score well on this assessment)

 	"@context": {
 		"bs": "",
 		"schema": "",
 		"citation": "schema:citation",
 		"name": "schema:name",
 		"url": "schema:url",
 		"variableMeasured": "schema:variableMeasured",
 		"unitText": "schema:unitText"
 	"@type": "schema:Dataset",
 	"name": "Dataset title",
 	"@id": "Dataset DOI",
 	"url": "Dataset URL",
 	"citation": "Dataset Citation/Publication",
 	"variableMeasured": [
 			"@type": "schema:PropertyValue",
 			"name": "composition and synthesis"