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Octave/Matlab programs for processing and plotting 2D and 3D Ground Penetrating Radar data Octave is freely available from

Supported by the National Science Foundation under grant EAR-1550732.

Check out the documentation GPR-O

Installation instructions

Downloading GPR-O

The easiest way of installing the software is via git. You can obtain git from

Once git is installed installed, open a Command Prompt window, switch to the folder in which you would like to install GPR-O, and run

git clone

This will download all the scripts and subfolders and will allow you to easily update the software at a later point

Alternatively, you can just download a zipped version by clicking on "Clone or download" and then "Download ZIP". Once you unzipped the file on your computer, the folder will be named "GPR-O-master". I recommend renaming it to "GPR-O".

Installing GPR-O

After cloning or unzipping the software package, change directory into its main folder

cd GPR-O

and open Matlab or Octave.

In Matlab or Octave, run the setup script


This will set up the folder structure and download some additional data files.

Running under Matlab

After starting Matlab, switch into the GPR-O folder and run in Matlab


Running under Octave

After starting Octave, switch into the GPR-O folder and run in Octave


Keeping GPR-O updated

If you used git to clone the software (instead of downloading a zipped folder), you can update GPR-O by running in a terminal or command prompt:

git pull origin master