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Simple near-surface refraction/reflection simulation programs for Octave (https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/) and Matlab

At this point this is just a collection of near-surface geophysics refraction/reflection seismic scripts that I have been using for teaching. The scripts all run on Octave and Matlab.

At a later point I will provide documentation, (similar to GPR-O)

The simplest way of obtaining these scripts and keeping them updated is by using git from the command prompt/terminal:

  1. Install git:


  1. Open a command prompt / terminal, switch to the folder in which you want to install the software, and run

git clone http://github.com/NSGeophysics/Seism-O.git

To keep the scripts updated, run, from time to time run

git pull origin master

on the command line in the folder Seism-O.

Check out the folder TeachingActivities for teaching activities

Please consider contributing to this repository by creating your own teaching activities or code improvements/additions. You can add them by using git fork and then send me a pull-request, or you can just send them to me via email and I put them online.