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Changing of the Guard
An important site announcement.

I started NSHipster in the summer of 2012. What began as a snarky writing exercise to capture observations from my daily interactions with Cocoa & Objective-C became a full-time passion for learning as much as I could about my craft.

As of today, I am stepping down from my role as managing editor of NSHipster. Nate Cook (@nnnnnnnn) will be taking over ownership and editorial oversight for the site. Nate is a talented engineer and writer who embodies the spirit of curiosity that characterizes NSHipster and its readers. I'm fully confident that he'll continue to create and cultivate the great content you've come to expect every week.

The best is yet to come for NSHipster.

It's been the thrill of a lifetime to wake up every Monday morning and share a little bit of myself with such an amazing community. I can't thank you enough for your support, patience, and enthusiasm for me and my work. This was a lot of fun.

May your code continue to compile and inspire.