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微積溯源/Introduction to Calculus


This project aims to provided a beautifully-typed and well-edited version of the book Introduction to Calculus, as well as exploring methods to typeset Chinese vertically with XeLaTeX.

關於微積溯源/About the book Introduction to Calculus


Introduction to Calculus was a calculus textbook translated by John Fryer and Hua Hengfang during the Self-Strengthening Movement. This book is the origin of many math jargons in modern Chinese thus we believe it is worthy to be digitized.

關於本項目/About this project


This project is mainly about two specific jobs. One is to type and edit text; the other is to explore methods to typesetting Chinese vertically using XeLaTeX. Currently most of the project is maintained by NSKernel. Please note that NSKernel does not consider himself fully devoted into this project thus it is not guaranteed of the progress of this project and the files might not be well-organized.

如何使用/貢獻本項目/How to use/contribute to this project


After cloning your own copy of the project, grab the fonts according to the settings in 微積溯源.tex and put them at the root of the source code, then compile it with XeLaTeX. However this project also comes with a precompiled PDF file in its repository which you may feel free to use.

本項目歡迎任何人貢獻,如果您有好的patch或者建議,可以直接提交pull request或提issue,我們可以一起討論並提升最終的文字與排版質量。

We welcome anyone to contribute. If you have a good patch or idea, just bring up a pull request or issue so we can discuss and improve the final quality of the text and the typesetting.


Contributors: NSKernel (founder, maintainer), SiobaraIsara (optimized the source code)


文字上:目前已經排好了序,正文第一章進行了一半。 排版上:目前仍未能'''優雅'''地解決以下問題:chapter頁默認爲plain(我們想要fancy,目前通過在chapter命令下面直接插入thispagestyle解決);左右footer設定分別爲章節名和小節名,然而在序言等沒有小節的地方,我們希望兩側都顯示章節名(目前考慮定義新的pagestyle,但是這也不算優雅吧) 代碼上:主代碼文件可以稱爲髒亂差的典範,基礎設定還需重新整頓,包括清除多餘設定和按類型整理其餘設定。

Text: Finished preface and working on chapter one. Typesetting: Still cannot solving the following issues '''elegantly''': the pagestyle of chapter page is plain (we want fancy and we are doing it by inserting thispagestyle command directly under the chapter command); we set the left and right footers as the chapter name and the section name, but places like the preface do not come with a section name (we are considering defining new pagestyle but we think that is not quite elegant). Code: The main source file is basically a scrapyard with tons of settings need to be organized including cleaning up unnecessary settings.

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