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App to display datas of forms
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NSSDatas is an app made by Amartya Mondal to handle the datas that users submit in the forms (Blood Request, Think Thank) of the website. Its is an highly authenticated app, only specified user(unique ID's) can see the datas.

Users who can see the datas in the App?

The members of NSS core team has also been given access to see the datas.

To have access to the datas via the app contact Amartya Mondal at 8967570983.


Remember to login with the above Gmail ID's only. After logout all dats in the app gets deleted and the app closes. You need to login again to access the datas. Once logged in, you donot need to login, until you logout

Extra Feature

The newly added datas comes at the top of the list. The datas gets stored in the app automatically. It refreshes itself as the data in the server changes. Also, the users can now add tasks and see the previously added tasks.

Download the app by clicking here or Find it here

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