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If you want to add anything, feel free to send us a pull request or ping us or Luis on Twitter.


TV & videos





Monday, 16th September

Tuesday, 17th September

  • Fernando Rodriguez (@frr149) - Augmented Reality.
  • Aral Balkan (@aral) - Digital Serfdom and how to avoid it: a guide to the future.
  • Sommer Panage (@sommer) - UIAccessibility + UIAutomation - Building testable accessible code. | Code.
  • William Sackfield - Feature Management at Spotify.
  • Nacho Soto (@NachoSoto) - Creating animations with Core Animation and Core Graphics. | Slides
  • Boris Bügling (@NeoNacho) - Objective-C funtime - know your runtime. | Slides / Code.
  • Orta Therox and Fabio Pelosin (@orta & @fabiopelosin) - From Submodules to Private Cocoapods - How to move your infrastructure to private pods for smarter dependency management. | Slides.
  • Alfonso Alba García (@aalbagarcia ) - Git and XCode: common problems, pitfalls, solutions and work arounds. | Slides.
  • Diego Freniche (@dfreniche) - Core Data Intermediate Workshop. | Slides | Code.
  • Fernando Rodriguez (@frr149) - TDD Workshop.

Wednesday, 18th September

Thursday, 19th September

  • Krzysztof Zabłocki (@merowing_) - Foldify, history of development and lessons learned. | Slides.



  • Drinking game by Marin Usalj | Source


Thanks to all the volunteers, attendees, speakers and sponsors that made this possible. Special thanks to Jorge Maroto (@patoroco) for making the first brief of this document.