NSW eTendering search API. This developer portal will provide users of eTender data with documentation, code examples, bug notifications and feature requests.
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A developer portal for the NSW eTendering search API. This repository will provide users of the data with documentation, code examples, bug notifications and feature requests. The Wiki provides technical details about search parameters and expected results.


NSW eTendering is an online tendering system used by NSW Government agencies to make available information about tendering opportunities.

The API makes all eTendering data (RFTs, Schemes, CANs, SONs, and PPs) available on demand in a standard machine-readable format.

The service is provided based on the NSW Government API Standard, and compliant with the Open Contracting Data standard.

API usage

The API is available through a number of URLs:

More information on parameters and response fields is available in the Wiki section of this repository.


The API schema is available in the Schema folder of this repository.


Code examples are available in the examples folder of this repository.

Rate Limiting

Requests are automatically limited by IP address. If too many requests are received in a short period of time, that IP will for a short time receive a "You have made too many requests" message. This time may change without notice based on system load.


The NSW Procurement Service Centre will provide support for API users.

Release notes:

  • Tender.Name and Contract.id should be strings but may contain numeric-only data, so they are padded with one space to stop them being rendered without inverted commas
  • Empty fields are not returned.