Converts the links in Demonoid RSS feeds to their actual torrent links instead of the torrent page
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Demonoid RSS Torrent Downloader


This script gets a user's RSS feed from demonoid and changes the links to point to the actual torrent file instead of just the torrent page.

It does this by changing the link to point to this script which will login to demonoid and get the torrent file.


First things first, you must have a demonoid account for this to work. Your server will need to have PHP >= 5.2.1, cURL, and DOMDocument to use this script.


To use this script, place it on your webserver somewhere. Then in the same folder create a file called demonoidPW.php and place the following in that file:

  $postInfo = array(
    'nickname' => 'Demonoid Username',
    'password' => 'Demonoid Password'

Downloading Torrents

Normally, a user's RSS feed is Instead of using that URL, use http://YOURSERVER/path/to/demonoid.php/USERNAME. The links in the returned RSS will be changed from the torrent page ( to this script (http://YOURSERVER/path/to/demonoid.php/xxx/yyy). These links will be direct links to the torrent files (the PHP script will login to demonoid, and stream the torrent file).