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Norway's largest student organization | Norway's largest sports association | 100% volunteer driven

Hello from Norway's largest sports association 👋

.. and welcome to our GitHub page! 🥳 We are proud to be our country's largest sports association with more than 60 sports groups and 14 000 members. Being such a big organization sure requires some technical stuff, so that's why we're here 🙋‍♂️ 🙋‍♀️ Our mission is not only to create solutions that we find useful ourselves, but also solutions that can make sports better in general.

Who are we?

Our GitHub organization consists mostly of developers at NTNUI Sprint, the association's IT committee. We're also lucky to have some IT geniuses from the different sports groups as well 🤓

💚 Contributing

We're always open for contributions, whether you are affiliated with NTNUI or not. Have a look at the issue boards in each of the repositories, or contact us at if you're not sure how to get started.

💎 Our gems at the moment

membership-system (currently private), at

opptak, at

ntnui-tools, in an npm registry near you

🔥 Reporting vulnerabilities and issues

Have you found a security vulnerability in one of our systems? Send us an email at sprint-leder (at)

Other feedback, suggestions or issues? Create an issue in the appropriate repository or send us an email at sprint (at)

See you around! 👋


  1. opptak opptak Public

    NTNUI Admin admission form

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  2. ntnui-tools ntnui-tools Public

    API wrapper for

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