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authentication Port r7163: Make a test datasource available to all modules. Infra fo…
authorization Port r7191: Make these methods synchronized also. Done with #2053.
build Port r7106: Upgraded BDA urls to corrected urls because of changes in…
common Port r7106: Upgraded BDA urls to corrected urls because of changes in…
core/src Port r7235: Re-check setup status in request filter. Closes #3061.
ctmsi Added delete record query for the sources table for SMOKE TEST study …
database/src Port r7172: Use a static connection pool for testing with Oracle. #1909.
domain/src Used the 'less than' instead of 'less than and equal' to the hibernat…
grid Port r7115: Added tests for application context of the grid services.…
osgi-layer Port r7205: Log fileinstall setup at info level.
osgi/bundled-lib Purge no-longer-used bundled libs. Done with #1844, but unrelated.
providers #1172 : Added STUDY_PROVIDER_ROOT constant for COPPA 3.2
src/test/resources Upgrade to CSM 4.2. Closes #1049.
static-lib Port r7105: Upgraded the grid services to caGrid 1.4. Closes #1840.
tasks Port r7165: Configure things so that the persistence manager works in…
test Move the end date increment code to the report filter class instead o…
tools Port r7138: A script to populate the dev PSC with 100s of subjects. #…
utility Port r7145: Skip returning an incompatible encapsulated value. Done w…
web Port r7235: Re-check setup status in request filter. Closes #3061.
.gitignore Put the felix cache in target so it is cleaned with everything else.
LICENSE Add/update doc files for NCIP GitHub transition.
NOTICE Add/update doc files for NCIP GitHub transition.
OBSOLETE Note that this repo is no longer used. Mirror location changed to NUBIC org account. Add/update doc files for NCIP GitHub transition.
build-adapter.xml Port r7109: Remove the default dependency of shenandoah from buildfil…
build.old.xml Fixes #1271 - Changed /catalina.home to /catalina.base to separate th…
build.yaml Port r7110: Remove the shenandoah from build.yaml. Fixes #1697.
buildfile Port r7234: 2.10 and later require Java 6 or later.
buildr-user-settings.yaml.default Automatically start the mock provider bundle and optionally start the… Port r6847: Enable request logging for failed specs in CI to assist i… Remove some ancient, unused configuration samples.
install_gems.rb Ensure compatibility with rubygems 1.4.2. (1.3.6 still works, too.)
license_headers.rb Port r7242: Add check option. #3068.
osgi-telnet.rb Fix unknown constant yaml error and un-terminated string problem.
port-many.rb A many-commits wrapper for port-one.rb.
port-one.rb Correct single-quote escaping in commit messages.

Patient Study Calendar

This is the source for Patient Study Calendar, an open source web application for tracking patients on clinical trials. It is a Java Servlet application using the Spring Framework and Hibernate for its major infrastructure. Its goal is to help ensure that complex protocols are followed identically for different patients. It can also help decouple protocol-dependent participant scheduling information from more generic registration and consenting workflows.

Patient Study Calendar is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License. Please see the NOTICE and LICENSE files for details.

Check out the following for more information:

Documentation & Support


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