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History for Surveyor



  • Official support for Rails 3.2, including declaring of all mass-assignable attributes with attr_accessible.

  • Breaking change: Surveys are now explicitly versioned. If you loaded a survey when another survey with the same title/access code had already been loaded, Surveyor would previously have appended a serial number to the title. As of this version, Surveyor keeps the serial number in a separate survey_version field. (#262)

  • Add encoding comments for generated files. (#329)

  • Asset pipeline support for Rails 3.1+. Rails 3.0 is still supported. (#307, #314, #315)

  • Upgrade to Formtastic 2.1. (#227)

  • :pick => :one and :pick => :any questions may now have date, time, datetime, integer, or float values, in addition to the already-supported string values. (#207)

  • Added Survey#as_json, ResponseSet#as_json. (#291)

  • Changed defaults for and interpretation of for Survey#active_at and Survey#inactive_at. (#258)


  • Ensure response set is available to render_context (#320)

  • Hide dependent rows of grids. (#343)

  • Dependency condition with '!=' now returns true if there is no response. (#337)

  • Properly handle multiple "exclusive" checkboxes in a single question. (#336)

  • Correct storing of "correct" answers when parsing a survey. (#326)

  • Restore "slider" renderer. (#230)

  • Ensure that duplicate responses cannot be created by parallel AJAX requests. (#328)


  • Enabled Selenium-backed cucumber features in CI. (#333)

  • Added testbed:surveys task to load all sample surveys in the testbed.

  • Begin formal changelog.

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