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base fork: NUBIC/surveyor
head fork: PatrickGannon/surveyor
compare: rails3
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Commits on Jun 17, 2010
Mark Yoon initializer 716d683
Mark Yoon moving assets 287e7a0
Mark Yoon migrations 46969a8
Mark Yoon moving initializer under config 96598c7
Mark Yoon new generator and minor css updates fc74cb5
Mark Yoon kitchen sink survey 251df64
Mark Yoon make surveyor generator work, don't deal with load paths for now, add…
… railtie for rake tasks
Mark Yoon move rake spec to surveyor tasks ecf17bc
Mark Yoon removing old surveyor generator a83802c
Mark Yoon don't need test generator c16fc82
Commits on Jun 18, 2010
Mark Yoon making surveyor a rails 3 engine, removing customizations for now 4440a76
Mark Yoon removing customizations for now. modulizing survey controller methods 267bcc4
Mark Yoon custom surveyor generator. starting to document customization 94cf8ee
Mark Yoon simplifying acts_as_response cc5106d
Mark Yoon refactoring out common functionality to Surveyor::Common fdf7e4a
Mark Yoon removing old extending surveyor generator d7441b7
Mark Yoon working on customization ed46eb3
Mark Yoon generators going to the right place 13ff63e
Mark Yoon moving tasks to engine 957e701
Mark Yoon allow migration skipping 13f8c75
Mark Yoon new rails 3 routes 9b1c33d
Mark Yoon full customization available again, with the exception of base route b7c9681
Mark Yoon moving acts_as_response to init 174c1f3
Mark Yoon updating README 80b86a1
Mark Yoon fixing routes 716b316
Mark Yoon correct namespacing for common 6f01d32
Mark Yoon correct namespacing for string inflections 76ecece
Mark Yoon typo in custom controller template 534f08b
Commits on Aug 04, 2010
Mark Yoon temporary commit 50ae867
Commits on Aug 23, 2010
Mark Yoon regenerating gemspec. closes #60 d46bab3
Mark Yoon allow base app to generate sass, instead of doing it at install time 3324cb1
Mark Yoon readme tweaks 58dc97e