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The Surveyor Guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Parsing and Data Model
  3. The JSON API and Exports
  4. Special topics


Start by reviewing the README.

For general discussion (e.g., "how do I do this?"), please send a message to the surveyor-dev group. This group is moderated to keep out spam; don't be surprised if your message isn't posted immediately.

For reproducible bugs, please file an issue on the GitHub issue tracker. Please include a minimal test case (a detailed description of how to trigger the bug in a clean rails application). If you aren't sure how to isolate the bug, send a message to surveyor-dev with what you know and we'll try to help.

For build status see our continuous integration page.

Take a look at our screencast (a bit dated now).


  1. Design the survey
  2. Parse survey bundle exec rake surveyor FILE=surveys/[your_survey_file.rb]
  3. Users respond (usually via http://[your.server]/surveys)
  4. Export the results

Some other helpful rake tasks:

  • bundle exec rake surveyor:remove removes surveys that haven't been responded to.
  • bundle exec rake surveyor:unparse exports a survey into a surveyor DSL file.

Question types

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