Finding Interesting conceptual paths in JavaScript
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A platform for following interesting paths through JavaScript.

#To install:

Install nvm and node (

nvm install v0.10.32
nvm alias default v0.10.32

Install redis (via homebrew, or if on windows google it)

brew install redis

Install npm dependencies for all the sub-projects

cd isopleth/fondue-api
rm -rf node_modules
npm install

cd isopleth/isopleth
rm -rf node_modules
npm install

cd isopleth/socket-fondue-jsbin
rm -rf node_modules
npm install

cd isopleth/tests
rm -rf node_modules
npm install

Setup Chrome

- Open google chrome
- Update your chrome flags to allow localhost to spoof https certs:
    chrome://flags > Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost

- chrome://extensions
- check "Developer Mode"
- Load upnacked extension...
- Navigate to isopleth/chrome-extension
- Ok

#To run:

cd isopleth/fondue-api/redis
./  #start redis

cd isopleth/fondue-api
node app-cluster.js  #start fondue api on all cores

cd isopleth/socket-fondue-jsbin
node app.js

cd isopleth/tests
node app.js

cd isopleth/isopleth
node app.js

# All four must be up and running for the test app to work.

#To run a test app:

Open http://localhost:3004/demo/index3.html
Open Dev Tools
Open Isopleth Dev Tool Pane

Open Chrome Dev Tools

Reload Page with Ibex

It Instruments Pages, wait a few minutes for source tracing, watch fondue-api logs for activity

Refresh web page, reload with ibex again (this time is uses cached values)

Wait for page to fully reappear and work

Click on the isopleth tab that auto-opened

Hit Draw button at bottom