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Knight Lab SensorGridPM

Wireless particulate matter monitoring over LoRa networks

This is a version of the SensorGrid project that is specific to monitoring particulate matter data (PM 2.5 and PM 10) and collecting that data over a LoRa wireless network.


This code is structured for development in PlatformIO with its entry point set to enable Arduino IDE compilation as well. See below for information about compiling with the Arduino IDE.


See the lib_deps section of the platformio.ini file

Arduino IDE

Development is mostly done on PlatformIO ( but we do occasional checks to ensure deployment on Arduino IDE. It should just work.

Code Style

Please lint with cpplint before submitting code changes:

See this project's CPPLINT.cfg file for details about flags used for linting.

cpplint <SubProject>/*

We are making an effort to move toward the Google C++ style guide:

with some notable exceptions:

include subdirs not required

The requirement for specifying subdirs adds unnecessary complexity to project maintenance. We use a relatively flat code structure within a given project, thus includes will either be in the form "file.h" where file.h is in the same directory or <Library.h> where Library is accessible on the compile path.

As a result, please lint with --filter=-build/include_subdir

naming conventions

  • Variables should be snake_case
  • Functions and methods should be camelCase (Not PascalCase)
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