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Local PurpleLine development

For developing and deploying new PurpleLine styles. If you want to use PurpleLine in a project, all you need to do is include a link to it in the head. See docs for more info.

Setting up PurpleLine

PurpleLine runs on the CSS framework Foundation. These instructions are adapted from Foundation's manual install process.



  • Clone this repo and cd into it.
  • Create a bower_components directory and cd into it.
  • Add purpleline-foundation as a submodule named foundation: git submodule add -f foundation
  • Compile CSS with Compass: compass watch

DO NOT commit bower_components/foundation. (See here for helpful information on how to remove files that have already been committed.)

Modifying PurpleLine

TK, notes on which files to modify and which to leave alone

Deploying new versions of PurpleLine

fab build
fab stage stage_latest
[update version number]

change to cdn repo

fab deploy

Upgrading Foundation

Note: untested with PurpleLine If you'd like to upgrade to a newer version of Foundation down the road just run:

bower update