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The project contains Back to Back detector application to show the capability of Deepstream SDK.


Please follow instructions in the apps/sample_apps/deepstream-app/README on how to install the prequisites for Deepstream SDK, the DeepStream SDK itself and the apps.

Getting Started

  • Export the environment variable: export DS_SDK_ROOT="your deepstream SDK root"

  • Preferably clone the app in $DS_SDK_ROOT/sources/apps/sample_apps/

Steps to download the models:

  $ cd $DS_SDK_ROOT/samples/models
  $ mkdir Secondary_FaceDetect
  $ cd Secondary_FaceDetect
  $ wget
  $ wget
  $ wget

Back to back detectors app pipeline: DS Back to back detectors Pipeline

Compilation Steps:

  $ make
  $ ./back-to-back-detectors <h264_elementary_stream>

The result should be like below: DS Back to Back Detectors Screenshot


  • Edit the paths in secondary_detector_config.txt to the location of the models downloaded from the above site.

This document shall describe about the sample back-to-back-detectors application.

This sample builds on top of the deepstream-test1 sample to demonstrate how to add multiple back-to-back detectors in the pipeline.

Two instances of the "nvinfer" element are added to the pipeline serially after nvstreammux and before the display components. Both the "nvinfer" instances have their own config files.

The first "nvinfer" instance (Person/Vehicle/Bicycle/RoadSign) will always act as primary detector.

The second "nvinfer" instance (Face/License Plate) can be configured as primary(full-frame) / secondary (operating on primary detected objects). By default it is configured in the secondary mode. To change the second "nvinfer" instance to primary mode, change the macro SECOND_DETECTOR_IS_SECONDARY in the sources to 0.

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