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SachidanandAlle AIAA Client GA Release (#15)
* Support NVIDIA Segmentation+Annotation in AIAA Client+MITK Workbench
* Add and show extreme points into pointset interaction
* Fix URL for /models
* PY Client segmentation API + Test data
* Add Segmentation API example into tools
* Support label and type in ListModels tool
* support model type as optional field in models() API
* Fix UI refresh for MITK plugin
* Support model name instead of labels (design review) + fix color map for multi-labeled masks
* Support label based model filtering config + correct tooltips
Latest commit a12910d Jun 17, 2019
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CMake Add mitk plugin into AIAA Feb 18, 2019
Plugins http://nvbugs/2502038 SWIPAT: Request to release MITK (Qt based appli… Mar 1, 2019

MITK Plugin

This is the plugin source for MITK which integrates AIAA client with MITK Workbench


  • NVIDIA Segmentation (3D Tool)
  • NVIDIA Smart Polygon Fix (2D Tool)

Quick Start

The project follows the template recommended by MITK to fit the extension mechanism of MITK v2018.04. Here's how it basically works:

  1. Clone MITK
  2. Clone ai-assisted-annotation-client
  3. Configure the MITK superbuild and set the advanced CMake cache variable MITK_EXTENSION_DIRS to ai-assisted-annotation-client/mitk-plugin
  4. Generate and build the MITK superbuild

Supported platforms and other requirements

See the MITK documentation

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