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Tegra BCT and bootable flash image generator/compiler
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swarren Fix various abort(), crashes, and memory errors
cbootimage doesn't have extensive error-checking of the input files. Thus
it's easy to trigger aborts (which in turn segfault to exit the app) and
bad memory accesses by providing under-sized binary input files or
configuration files with missing required statements. Add a bit more
error-checking to clean up some of these cases. No doubt there are more,
but this change only fixes those that have been reported.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Warren <>
Reviewed-by: Thierry Reding <>
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This project provides a tool which compiles BCT (Boot Configuration Table)
images to place into the boot flash of a Tegra-based device.

The tool will either:

a) Compile a textual representation of a BCT into a binary image.

b) Generate an entire boot image from a previously compiled BCT and a
   bootloader binary.

Submitting Changes

To submit patches to this project, please use the following commands:

* git format-patch --subject-prefix="cbootimage PATCH"

  Creates a patch file from your git commit.

* git send-email --to *.patch

  Sends the patch by email to the Tegra mailing list.

Even though the primary upstream repository for this project is hosted on
github, contributions aren't accepted via github pull requests. Github pull
requests would bypass public code review on the project mailing list.

Patches should be signed off (include a signed-off-by line) to indicate your
acceptance of the code's license (see COPYING and the license header in each
file). See for details of what signed-off-by
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