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NVIDIA DCGM exporter for Prometheus

Simple script to export metrics from NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager (DCGM) to Prometheus.


DCGM supported GPUs

Make sure all GPUs on the system are DCGM supported, otherwise the script will fail.

$ docker run --runtime=nvidia --rm --name=nvidia-dcgm-exporter nvidia/dcgm-exporter

# The output of dcgmi discovery and nvidia-smi should be same.

$ docker exec nvidia-dcgm-exporter dcgmi discovery -i a -v | grep -c 'GPU ID:'
$ nvidia-smi -L | wc -l

Bare-metal install

# Download and install DCGM, then

$ cd bare-metal
$ sudo make install
$ sudo systemctl start prometheus-dcgm

Docker Install

$ cd docker
$ docker-compose up

Docker Run

$ docker run -d --runtime=nvidia --rm --name=nvidia-dcgm-exporter -v /run/prometheus:/run/prometheus nvidia/dcgm-exporter

# To check the metrics
$ cat /run/prometheus/dcgm.prom

# If you want to add GPU metrics directly to node-exporter container
$ docker run -d --rm --net="host" --pid="host" --volumes-from nvidia-dcgm-exporter:ro"/run/prometheus"

$ curl localhost:9100/metrics

# Sample output

# HELP dcgm_gpu_temp GPU temperature (in C).
# TYPE dcgm_gpu_temp gauge
dcgm_gpu_temp{gpu="0",uuid="GPU-8f640a3c-7e9a-608d-02a3-f4372d72b323"} 34
# HELP dcgm_gpu_utilization GPU utilization (in %).
# TYPE dcgm_gpu_utilization gauge
dcgm_gpu_utilization{gpu="0",uuid="GPU-8f640a3c-7e9a-608d-02a3-f4372d72b323"} 0
# HELP dcgm_power_usage Power draw (in W).
# TYPE dcgm_power_usage gauge
dcgm_power_usage{gpu="0",uuid="GPU-8f640a3c-7e9a-608d-02a3-f4372d72b323"} 31.737
# HELP dcgm_sm_clock SM clock frequency (in MHz).
# TYPE dcgm_sm_clock gauge
dcgm_sm_clock{gpu="0",uuid="GPU-8f640a3c-7e9a-608d-02a3-f4372d72b323"} 135
# HELP dcgm_total_energy_consumption Total energy consumption since boot (in mJ).
# TYPE dcgm_total_energy_consumption counter
dcgm_total_energy_consumption{gpu="0",uuid="GPU-8f640a3c-7e9a-608d-02a3-f4372d72b323"} 7.824041e+06
# HELP dcgm_xid_errors Value of the last XID error encountered.
# TYPE dcgm_xid_errors gauge
dcgm_xid_errors{gpu="0",uuid="GPU-8f640a3c-7e9a-608d-02a3-f4372d72b323"} 0

In kubernetes


# First, set the default runtime to nvidia by editing /etc/docker/daemon.json.

# Deploy custom node-exporter with dcgm-exporter, to expose GPU metrics to Prometheus and Grafana
# Note that nodeSelector field is added to the pod spec to restrict deploying node-exporter only on GPU nodes

# Make sure to attach matching label to the GPU node
$ kubectl label nodes <gpu-node-name> hardware-type=NVIDIAGPU

# Check if the label is added
$ kubectl get nodes --show-labels

$ cd k8s

# node-exporter collecting all GPUs and its other default metrics
$ kubectl create -f node-exporter/gpu-node-exporter-daemonset.yaml

# Or to collect per pod GPU metrics and other default system level metrics
$ kubectl create -f node-exporter/pod-gpu-node-exporter-daemonset.yaml

# Check if node-exporter is collecting the GPU metrics successfully
$ curl -s localhost:9100/metrics | grep dcgm

# node-exporter collecting only GPU metrics
$ kubectl create -f node-exporter/gpu-only-node-exporter-daemonset.yaml

# Check GPU metrics
$ curl -s localhost:9101/metrics

Per Pod GPU metrics

If you want to get per pod GPU metrics directly in Prometheus, deploy pod-gpu-metrics-exporter.

Helm Charts

Another way to gather and visualize GPU metrics in kubernetes cluster is to use our helm charts. Find install and run instrcutions from here.

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