Image inspection (version 1.0)

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Mounting user-level driver libraries and device files clobbers the environment of the container, it should be done only when the container is running a GPU application. The challenge here is to determine if a given image will be using the GPU or not. We should also prevent launching containers based on a Docker image that is incompatible with the host NVIDIA driver version, you can find more details on this wiki page.


There is no generic solution for detecting if any image will be using GPU code. In nvidia-docker we assume that any image based on our nvidia/cuda images (available on the DockerHub) will be GPU applications and therefore they require the driver volume and the device files.
More specifically, when nvidia-docker run is used, we inspect the image specified on the command-line. In this image, we lookup the presence and the value of the label com.nvidia.volumes.needed. The nvidia/cuda images we provide all include this label at the beginning. All the Dockerfiles that do a FROM nvidia/cuda will automatically inherit this metadata and thus will work seamlessly with nvidia-docker.

In order to detect when an image is not compatible with the host driver, we rely on a second piece of metadata, the com.nvidia.cuda.version label. This label is present in each of our base CUDA image, with the corresponding version number. This version is compared with the maximum CUDA version supported by the driver, nvidia-docker uses the CUDA API function cudaDriverGetVersion for this purpose. If the driver is too old for running this version of CUDA, an error is raised before starting the container:

$ nvidia-docker run --rm nvidia/cuda
nvidia-docker | 2016/04/21 21:41:35 Error: unsupported CUDA version: driver 7.0 < image 7.5


In this case, nvidia-docker does not simply inject arguments to the docker command-line. As a result, it’s more complicated to reproduce this behavior. You would need to inspect the images upstream in your workflow or inside your container orchestration solution. Looking up a label inside an image is simple:

$ docker inspect -f '{{index .Config.Labels "com.nvidia.volumes.needed"}}' nvidia/cuda
$ docker inspect -f '{{index .Config.Labels "com.nvidia.cuda.version"}}' nvidia/cuda

If you build your own custom CUDA images, we suggest you to reuse the same labels for compatibility reasons.

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