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@kyaoNV kyaoNV released this Nov 22, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

  • Introduced concept of Experimental Features. These features are not included by default in "Falcor.h" and are instead part of a new "FalcorExperimental.h" header. DXR is considered an experimental feature.
  • Render Graph and a set of Render Passes are released as an experimental feature. Most existing effects can also be used as a render pass.
  • D3D Feature Level is now automatically selected by default
  • Check Vulkan device's max supported API version if user requested a specific version
  • RGB32 format no longer disabled on AMD GPUs now that drivers support it correctly
  • RGB32 format support is checked when loading textures in Vulkan
  • Added macro for suppressing deprecation warnings
  • Add option to Gui::pushWindow() to choose if it should be have focus or not
  • Add RenderContext::getBindFlags() getter
  • Add Sampler::getDesc() getter
  • Add Material::isEmissive() getter
  • Add alphaTest() that uses Slang generics to select Sample method
  • Add scene_unit key to fscene
  • Added renderUI() functions to Scene and Camera
  • Add error check for missing file in Program creation
  • Store scene bounding box in Scene, add getter
  • Change OBJ/MTL to use SpecGloss by default, overrideable with metal_rough key in fscene
  • Add frame reset option to video encoder UI
  • Make video encoder retain options (do not delete the UI class between exports)
  • Renamed getTriNormalsAndEdges to getTriNormalsAndEdgesInObjectSpace to clarify it's in object space
  • Renamed getGeometricNormal to getGeometricNormalW to clarify it's in world space
  • Loading of GLTF models has been enabled

New samples:

  • RenderGraphEditor: A visual, node-based tool for creating and editing render graph scripts.
  • RenderGraphViewer: Load scenes and render them with a render graph.
  • SamplePassLibrary: Demonstration of how to write render passes that compile to DLLs, and how they can be loaded from render graph scripts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed reflection data to use row major flag from Slang
  • Fixed bug in RtProgram::addDefine() methods
  • Fixed bug in scene exporter that it aborted on nan/inf
  • Fixed Vulkan image tiling flag selection for textures


  • Device::isExtensionSupported() - Use isFeatureSupported() instead.


  • Updated packman to 5.7.1
  • Updated Slang to 0.11.8
  • Updated Falcor Media to 2.2.1
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