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@kyaoNV kyaoNV released this Jan 30, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Ctrl+Pause freezes/unfreezes the renderer. This if useful in low framerates situations when the user wants to change an attribute using the GUI
  • File open dialog filters for images now include .hdr files for HDR formats (Bitmap::getFileDialogFilters)
  • Added ability to force execution of render passes through a flag when adding the pass to a render graph
  • GUI groups can be opened as a separate window by right-clicking on the group header bar
  • Added support for sliders in the GUI
  • Added support for buttons with images in the GUI (Gui::addImageButton)
  • Added option to include a close button when creating GUI windows

New Samples:

  • PathTracer: A basic path tracer implemented using DXR and the render graph system

Bug Fixes:

  • Messages logged in dll's will no longer output to a separate text file
  • Updated to use Python 3 print()'s
  • Python copied from Externals to executable folder after build to be used as Python home directory


  • Updated Slang to 0.11.21
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