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A simple terminal consol using uGUI for Unity3d
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Foundation Terminal
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Foundation.Terminal 2015.7.30.unitypackage

Foundation Terminal (v4.0)

Nicholas Ventimiglia |

Terminal for in game debugging

The goal of this library to provide a UI for testing low level libraries and debugging in game. Built using uGUI. Is Unity3d 5 ready !

  • Log many message types with color coding
  • Hooks into Debug.Log
  • A command button bar for testing methods
  • A text input with optional input handling (text processors)
  • Hide and close with the ` key

alt tag


Drop the Terminal Prefab into your scene.

Example Usage

	// Write
	Terminal.Log("blag blah");
	Terminal.LogError("blag blah");
	Terminal.LogSuccess("blag blah");
	Terminal.LogWarning("blag blah");
	Terminal.LogImportant("blag blah");
	// Wired to Application Log

	// Register button commands. (Do this in Awake)
	Terminal.Add(new TerminalCommand
			Label = "Main",
			Method = MainTest

	void MainTest()
	   // Run When Clicked

	// Register new Text Processors (invoked when text is submitted)
	Terminal.Add(new TerminalInterpreter
			Label = "Chat",
			Method = ChatExample

	void ChatExample(string text)
	   // Run When inputted


Part of the Unity3d Foundation toolkit. A collection of utilities for making high quality data driven games.

  • Tasks : An async task library for doing background work or extending coroutines with return results.
  • Messenger : Listener pattern. A message broker for relaying events in a loosely coupled way. Supports auto subscription via the [Subscribe] annotation.
  • Terminal: A in game terminal for debugging !
  • Injector: Service Injector for resolving services and other components. Supports auto injection using the [Inject] annotation
  • DataBinding : For MVVM / MVC style databinding. Supports the new uGUI ui library.
  • Localization : Supports in editor translation, multiple files and automatic translation of scripts using the [Localized] annotation.
  • Cloud : Parse-like storage and account services using a ASP.NET MVC back end. Need to authenticate your users? Reset passwords with branded emails? Save high scores or character data in a database? Maybe write your own authoritative back end? This is it.
  • Lobby : The ultimate example scene. Everything you need to deploy for a game, minus the actual game play.


I accept donations via papal. Your money is an objective measure of my self esteem.

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