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Core functionality

Plugin Links Description
areas Forum Load new area resrefs (.are and .git) at runtime, by means of ResMan.
chat Forum Run a script on chat message events, optionally suppress & modify messages.
extend - Hides/modifies various intrinsics.
fixes - Modify ability & skill limits and hard-caps.
funcs - Helpers exposing internal nwserver functionality.
functions - Old plugin version of funcs with overlapping functionality. Will eventually be merged into funcs.
funcsext Forum More advanced helpers.
hashset - Simple hash/map support for nwscript.
mhash - Wraps libmash for fast hash generation, adds support for mcrypt and mcrypt-keygen.
mnx - (not recommended unless you have a very specific usecase) Allows asynchronous communication with external processes over udp.
names Forum Set displayed player/creature names per-client.
optimizations - A experimental plugin that may increase server performance by 20% in background load and up to several times (eliminating lag) in certain situations.
profiler Forum A simple script profiler providing periodic logging of runtime vs calls for script and script partials.
reset Forum Simple server reset plugin.
resman Forum Load resrefs (gff files) at runtime from the filesystem, or via Plugin Interlink.
serverlist - Expose server to the new replacement masterserver.
statsd - Allows efficient sending of timing/counter data to a statsd.
structs Forum Low-level access to effect & itemproperty memory structures.
system Forum System-level utility functions: File reading/writing, server shutdown, etc. Use with care!
tmi Forum Increase the TMI cutoff limit for scripts.
tweaks - Currently does nothing.
vaultster Forum, Forum Inter-server player character sharing system.
visibility Forum Override object visibility - globally (always visible/invisible by default) or per player

Event handlers

Plugin Links Description
dmactions Forum Hook various actions performed by DM clients (like give XP), optionally suppress.
events - Hook various events performed by clients (like Stealth Mode), optionally suppress.

Combat system/Ruleset modifications

Plugin Links Description
defenses Forum
spells Forum
weapons Forum

Database connectors

Plugin Links Description
odmbc - Provides support for sqlite3, mysql and postgres, including SCO/RCO support.

Language hooks & support

Plugin Links Description
lua Forum Embedded lua interpreter
jvm Forum Embedded jvm with ResMan and SCO/RCO support
ruby Forum Embedded ruby 1.9/2.0 interpreter
leto - Leto support (not recommended except for legacy support). unmaintained

Clientside extensions

Plugin Links Description
connect Forum Connector plugin for NWNCX.

Out-of-tree plugins

A list of plugins that are out of tree, but may still be of interest.

Plugin Links Description
haks Forum Control visibility of Haks and the TLK on player login
redis Forum redis connector with two-way pubsub, ResMan and SCO/RCO support
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