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NXAD Smart Contract

This current contract is NEP5 Compliant


NXAD is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform for the sharing of content and online advertising. On NXAD “advertisers” create ads simply based on any link (URL) on which they want traffic and attach a token reward. Anyone can then discover ads from the "NXAD Cosmos", generate a personal sharing link from the ads they like, and share their link on social networks and any other channels. Each unique click on their personal sharing link earns those “sharers” a token reward. Think of it as the of affiliate marketing! With NXAD we intend to bring back the value to the users themselves by offering an alternative way of content sharing and online advertising which is revolutionary, simple and effective! NXAD has the potential to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology to the world – just by its simplicity and scalability! And it just works – everywhere.


The current smart contract is the first version of the NXAD smart contract. With this in mind, some modifications will still occur. The smart contract is based on NEX ICO template.

NXAD Smart Contract

The following conditions are respected in the smart contract:

  1. NXAD's token (NXA) is NEP5 compliant.
  2. Total supply of NXA tokens is 2.600.000.000.
  3. An amount of 1.560.000.000 NXAs (60% of tokens) will be offered in an ICO.
  4. From the token owner supply a reserve of 286.000.000 will be kept for the team. The team will receive a sum of tokens per month which they can claim after a certain period of time.
    More precisely, a team member will be able to:
    • Sell up to 15% of own tokens after 1 year.
    • Sell up to 30% of own tokens after 2 years.
    • Sell up to 100% of own tokens after 3 years.
  5. From the owner supply a reserve of 364.000.000 NXA will be kept for the company.
    This reserve will further support on-boarding of advertisers and expenses to ensure company and business growth.
    The reserve will be vested proportionally over a period of 3 years (month-by-month release) to a company wallet.


To test as a owner of the contract replace TOKEN_OWNER variable with your wallet script hash. The variable can be found in the file


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