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MIPI I3C Basic v1.0 communication Slave source code in Verilog with BSD license to support use in sensors and other devices.
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MIPI I3C Slave

An NXP Free license MIPI I3C Slave implemented in Verilog for use in FPGAs and Silicon parts.

-- Version tag 1.0.13_a3

BSD Licensed RTL - see README for exact text

Highly configurable using parameters, and contains:

  • Support for I3C Basic v1.0 as available on MIPI Website for download (member or not)
  • I3C SDR protocol
  • All required CCCs (builtin commands) plus some optional ones.
  • IBI (in band interrupt) including optional IBI data byte.
  • Support for I2C with a static address.
  • Two different integrations depending on system
    • Full APB memory mapped registers for processor based systems.
      • Adjustable FIFO depth for each direction
    • Autonomous model for state machine ASICs.
      • Supports auto-register creation and system side control
  • Documentation including programmer’s model, micro-architecture spec, basic I3C spec.

Free version does not include HDR-DDR, HDR-Ternary, Time-control, nor Master support. Full version of Slave and Master available for licensing from Silvaco Support contract of free Slave available from Silvaco

Copyright (c) 2015-2019 NXP Semiconductors.

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