Scripts for translating ePADD packages to Archivemata and back
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Scripts for translating ePADD packages to Archivematica and back. Intended to be used in the Archivematica automation-tools framework.

Scripts Takes the bagged output from ePADD appraisal and restructures it to meet Archivematica transfer requirements.

  • moves indexes, lexicons, and sessions to metadata folder
  • moves blobs to objects folder
  • extracts blob checksums to checksum.hash to be used during ingest
  • stores all other files in metadata folder Takes the bagged output from Archivematica AIPstore and restructures it to meet ePADD requirements.

  • moves indexes, lexicons, session, and blobs to the user folder
  • deletes thumbnails folder
  • updates bag manifest with path changes

epaddProcessingMCP.xml Processing MCP that must be included in Archivematica ingest.

  • automates all approvals
  • does not unpack zip files
  • normalizes files for preservation
  • does not create DIP


  • Amatica automatically removes files that start with '.', that might be a problem
  • This workflow only repackages pres. normalized AIPs. I haven't looked into access normalized files in AIPs or DIPs.